Sisters, the album

How amazing and wonderful and sometimes frightening (at first I typed that wrong and wrote “fightening”–that about captures it!) it is to watch two sisters grow and play together.  I am constantly reminded of our relationship as I watch my girls develop theirs.  Like us, these two are so passionate about each other!  They want to be around each other constantly.  When J. is napping, C. goes around the house saying her name.  When C. is sleeping, J. says over and over, “Where’s the BABY?  I want my BABY!”

But the fighting.  They are already bickering over objects neither actually wants (they just don’t want the other to have it), they fight over who gets which parent, they scream, they yell.  I’m sure it’s karma.

Thankfully, it’s also hilarious!  Yesterday, J. was feeding C. peas, one by one, singing meaningless silliness, and both were shrieking with laughter.  And, of course, there was this ukulele experience the other day.  Thank goodness Grammie has two…


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One Response to Sisters, the album

  1. Mumsy says:

    Cute pictures of the duo!

    Remind me to show you a motion picture of J. improvising a song in the same setting, but without her partner.

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