Hi Raki!

This is my first post to you.  Hi!  I’m at work, and I should be working, but instead I’m working on non-work work, namely this.  But I’m also doing work-work, actually.  At any rate, here we are on my desktop, both virtually (on this blog) and literally (see above).

I was just thinking about the time that I uttered the brilliant proclamation/question for which this blog is titled.  We were at our mother’s house, yes?  I wonder where we were headed.  I also wonder why we found my nonsensical statement to be so hilarious, as it sort-of seems no more nor less wacko than any of the other things I used to say.  For instance: “Is this clay?  Because that’s not Ivanišević.”

Anyway, and to reiterate: hi!

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