You’re Coming to Visit!

Since you’re coming to visit in a week and a day (!), I thought I’d give you a preview of some of the places we’ll be visiting and food we’ll be eating.  Aren’t you so excited!?

Point Reyes

down the street from me

California Academy of Sciences

Bolinas Lagoon

somewhere in the Mission

I can’t wait!!!

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Old Bag News

Since most impressive, creative activities have more or less ground to a halt here (mostly due to my complete exhaustion so much of the time), I thought I’d show you something I did a little while ago.

So, it turns out when your kids start going to school, these things called birthday parties start happening.  They caught me a bit by surprise.  I remember doing fun things for birthdays when we were in elementary school and above, but I didn’t realize that preschool kids had big event parties.  Apparently, they do.  I have to admit, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of an introvert, maybe it’s because I don’t go for the pre-packaged celebration, but it never would have occurred to me to me to throw such a party.

But other people feel differently, so I was put in the position of trying to figure out what the heck to get as a gift.  As you know, “Made in China” is not my game.  I didn’t want to add to the schlock involved in such an ordeal, I mean, event (party favors are expected too, you know), and I didn’t exactly feel like throwing my money away on something the kid would never use.  So, for the first party, we bought something little at the local fair trade store.  But for the next one, I decided that I’d like to give homemade things whenever possible.

So, using the skills learned while making your birthday bag (I’ll make you another one someday, when I find the energy and time to make anything again), I set forth.  This second party was for a little girl that J. went to school with but also who we see at swimming lessons each week (they’re in different classes, but at the same time).  So, I decided a personalized towel with matching bag was the ticket.  J. chose the towel, and I went to work.  Here are the results:

I was pretty pleased.  I actually kind-of wanted to keep the bag.  I figure that’s the sign of a good gift.  And, the girl’s mom told me the next week at swimming that when she had opened it, the birthday girl had said, “It has my name on it!!!”

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Homemade Curtains (An Anna First)


I must begin by telling you that I scored the BEST goal today.  I just generally had a good game, which was a nice change from the mediocrity of the past couple of weeks’ play.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can show you what I worked on after the game:

And this is what Mia was doing at the same time:

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have my own place again, where I can hang bird curtains and let my kitty take a nap with calla lilies.  We can’t wait till you come visit!


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Sisters, the album

How amazing and wonderful and sometimes frightening (at first I typed that wrong and wrote “fightening”–that about captures it!) it is to watch two sisters grow and play together.  I am constantly reminded of our relationship as I watch my girls develop theirs.  Like us, these two are so passionate about each other!  They want to be around each other constantly.  When J. is napping, C. goes around the house saying her name.  When C. is sleeping, J. says over and over, “Where’s the BABY?  I want my BABY!”

But the fighting.  They are already bickering over objects neither actually wants (they just don’t want the other to have it), they fight over who gets which parent, they scream, they yell.  I’m sure it’s karma.

Thankfully, it’s also hilarious!  Yesterday, J. was feeding C. peas, one by one, singing meaningless silliness, and both were shrieking with laughter.  And, of course, there was this ukulele experience the other day.  Thank goodness Grammie has two…


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Dinner, the Anna Version

Hiya Becca,

Today is my day off, which means I am doing things like taking naps after breakfast and dropping my bike off for a tune-up and buying fabric for curtains.  More about that last item later, hopefully.

Your pasta is beautiful!  It makes me eager to share my dinner from two nights ago, which I dutifully recreated last night for my dessert in order to photograph it (dinner last night was, much more wholesomely, brown rice and vegetables).  Behold:

That is a bowl of corn flakes and a glass of wine, in case it wasn’t obvious.  Delicious!

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A Slow Start

Morning, AYK!

I’m cranky about learning how to blog with a new program.  I don’t know what I’m doing, and everything seems to take me forever.  So this first post is a bit of a dud.  I had hoped to do a bit more today, but showers need to be taken, children need to be awakened and herded, attire needs to be donned, and banana-pecan muffins need to be consumed.  So off I go.

I’ll leave you with the sole image I managed to upload and then get to post (a minor miracle for me today).   Here’s last night’s dinner in the making:

Have a good day, sister!

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Favorite Wooden Objects


Do you own any of Grammy and Grampy’s sweet wooden objects?  As I’ve been arranging things in my new apartment I’ve been realizing how much I love the ones I have (and come to think of it, maybe I’ve hogged them all; have I?): a Kodak photo trimmer, a tool tray, a green storage box, an ice bucket, a Grampy-made pen and pencil box, a Banana-Band harmonica, and (my latest acquisition, as you know) a pair of shoe trees.

This isn’t much of a post, really; I thought it might just be nice to share these with you.


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Hi Raki!

This is my first post to you.  Hi!  I’m at work, and I should be working, but instead I’m working on non-work work, namely this.  But I’m also doing work-work, actually.  At any rate, here we are on my desktop, both virtually (on this blog) and literally (see above).

I was just thinking about the time that I uttered the brilliant proclamation/question for which this blog is titled.  We were at our mother’s house, yes?  I wonder where we were headed.  I also wonder why we found my nonsensical statement to be so hilarious, as it sort-of seems no more nor less wacko than any of the other things I used to say.  For instance: “Is this clay?  Because that’s not Ivanišević.”

Anyway, and to reiterate: hi!

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